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Welcome Note – Concerned Corporations, Consumers and Communities

Well it’s finally here. We’ve started a blog (as you can see here) on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Philanthropy and Development. Our starting point is that as corporations, consumers and communities become increasingly concerned with global issues like climate change, poverty, hunger, human rights, environmental conservation, effective government, effective governance, corruption, or any other global issue, the need for dialogue and the opportunities for collaboration are immense.

Here at Global Causeways, we show companies how to gain a competitive advantage with their CSR/sustainability strategies and implementation, as well as help conscionable consumers get more information on sustainable companies, make responsible purchasing decisions, hold irresponsible companies to account, and make individual lifestyle choices that in their own small way contribute to protect global interests.

Part of what our work is also to help communities develop and move out of poverty by giving them a voice in the development process (and that includes children, women, the disadvantaged, discriminated, out casted, disabled, minorities, etc.), and seek funds from wealthier neighbours, communities and nations, we also consult with philanthropists who want to make the right investment decisions beyond mere good intentions and evaluate the effect of their donor dollars.

If you’re interested in finding out more, whether you’re a business owner or corporate staff looking to incorporate CSR/sustainability in your company, a socially responsible investor, a conscionable consumer, an activist, or one of the many people in the world who belongs/belong to a poor community, we’d love to hear from you.

Join our community. Be a part of “Concerned Corporations, Consumers and Communities”. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or email us.

This is our world. If we don’t look after it, who will?

Benson Tan is the Managing Consultant of Global Causeways, a Corporate Social Responsibility, Philanthropy and Development Consultancy operating from Singapore. You can reach him at or follow him on Twitter, or both.

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